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There are a couple of "parameters" of an Eloquent model, as properties of that class. The most mainstream ones are presumably these: class User extends Model { protected $table = 'users'; protected $fillable = ['email', 'password']; // these fields can be filled with User::create() method protected $dates = ['created_at', 'deleted_at']; // these fields can be disabled protected $appends = ['field_1', 'field_1']; // additional values returned...

Many times you need to check against some condition for records returned by relationship in Laravel Eloquent. For example you only want a list of users which are approved or verified. Normally we do it this way : public function list_users() { return $this->hasMany('App\User'); } Then for returned users you need to iterate the list and check if it is approved or not. But there is a short and easy way to do it: public...

Great database design is necessary for building scale-able , high-performance applications. If a database works well, everything is on right track. Small decisions, in the beginning, have a huge impact on future development of any system, specially database. Database Design Best Practices If you are going to design a database for your next project, then please keep these best practices in mind while working on the project. 1. Normalization To make high-performance and fast systems, it’s critical to normalize database to...

In this article, we have hand-picked the best 4 WordPress plugins for WooCommerce that you must use. 1. WooCommerce Products Slider WooCommerce Products Slider enables you to effectively make excellent product sliders and include them anywhere on your WooCommerce store. 2. WooCommerce Customizer WooCommerce contains a huge amount of hooks which allow you to tweak button text, labels, and more, however, you need to write PHP code to utilize them. This module allows you to use those hooks without expecting...