Terms of Service 📜

These "Terms" demarcate the use of the HTML Template app (denoted as "the App") within Atlassian Confluence. By engaging with the App, you inherently agree to adhere to these Terms.

App Usage 🛠️

The App is architected to empower users to architect HTML templates inside Atlassian Confluence and incorporate them in Confluence pages. The templates and their interlinked data are stored within your Confluence domain, making them subject to Confluence's own terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property 🧠

The App, encompassing its design, functionalities, and features, is the intellectual asset of the app developers. It's safeguarded under intellectual property laws. Any attempt to replicate, modify, distribute, or create derivatives based on the App, without the written consent of the app developers, is strictly prohibited.

User Responsibilities 🚀

  1. Content Creation: Users stand accountable for the content they shape and embed via the App. Ensuring that templates abide by laws and regulations, including copyright and intellectual property rights, falls squarely on the user's shoulders.
  2. Content Integrity: Using the App to produce or incorporate content that might be illegal, discriminative, offensive, or infringing upon others' rights is strictly forbidden.
  3. Account Security: It's the user's responsibility to uphold the security of their Confluence account, including safeguarding login credentials.

App Limitations ⛔

  • The App abides by Atlassian Confluence's capabilities and boundaries. The app developers disclaim any responsibility for disruptions or limitations stemming from Confluence updates or maintenance.
  • Seamless, error-free operation isn't guaranteed since the App's performance is intertwined with Atlassian Confluence's stability.

Privacy 🛡️

  • Our App champions user privacy by not amassing or storing any personal user information. Any data, including templates, is stashed within the Confluence domain, making it subject to Confluence's privacy doctrine.
  • It's prudent to go through Confluence's privacy policy to comprehend the data treatment within the Confluence platform.

Change in Pricing Model Notice 💸

We reserve exclusive rights to amend the pricing model, potentially introducing paid features or subscription tiers.

Modifications & Updates ⚙️

The developers hold the right to tweak or update the App or the Terms at their discretion. Significant changes to the Terms will be signposted by revising the "Last Updated" timestamp atop this document.

Termination ⛔

User actions that flout these Terms or jeopardize the App's integrity may result in suspension or termination of App access, executed without prior notice.

Disclaimer of Warranty ⚖️

The App is served "as is", devoid of any explicit or implicit warranties. The developers renounce all forms of warranties, including functionality, non-infringement, and precision.

Limitation of Liability ❌

Within legal bounds, the app developers are exempt from liability concerning indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the App's use or non-use.

By operating the HTML Template app, you acknowledge and consent to these Terms of Service. Non-agreement mandates discontinuation of App use.

Please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service. For any queries or apprehensions, our communication lines are open.

Gratitude for your sustained support.

Last Updated: Sept 24, 2023