Privacy Policy 🛡️

This Privacy Policy sketches out the ways the HTML Template app ("the App") for collects, handles, and uses user information.

Information Collection and Usage 📋

The App doesn't harvest any personal data from its users. It functions strictly within the milieu and neither stores nor transmits any user-specific intel.

App Functionality 🛠️

The App empowers users to craft HTML templates within and then incorporate them into boards. All templates and the data they link to are stashed within the user's instance, adhering to's privacy and security protocols.

Data Security 🔐

This App doesn't engage in storing or transferring user-specific data. Every byte of user data, counting the HTML templates, remains cocooned within the user's space. The App doesn't lay claim to access or governance over the user's content or any user-related info.

Data Access and Sharing 🔄

Our App prioritizes your privacy. It doesn't share or send user data outside of your instance. We only use Google Analytics to improve the app's user experience and understand how our users interact with it.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations ⚖️

Unwaveringly, the App aligns with pertinent laws and regulations surrounding user data collection, utility, and protection. Given its stance of non-collection of user-specific intel, it doesn't summon added compliance measures over those extended by

Changes to Privacy Policy

Occasionally, this Privacy Policy might witness revisions, mirroring any alterations in the App's functionality or legal mandates. Users will be notified of any substantive alterations by renewing the "Last Updated" date atop this document.

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Last Updated: Sept 24, 2023