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HTML Template is a app that enables users to create custom macros using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, enhancing the functionality and appearance of pages. Whether you're a novice or an experienced developer, HTML Template simplifies the process of creating and customizing macros.

With the ability to build custom macros, there's no need for other apps to integrate fundamental elements achievable through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Incorporate Swagger/Open API, Mermaid Diagrams, YouTube videos, Iframe embeds, and more without limitations.


  • Code editor: HTML Template App incorporates a Microsoft VS Code-inspired code editor boasting features like syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and error highlighting, all facilitating an intuitive Template creation experience.
  • Real-time preview: Experience a live feedback loop with a real-time preview, seeing your HTML Template's appearance evolve as you make edits.
  • JavaScript Console: Peer into console messages juxtaposed with the Live Preview, refining the editing experience of your Template.
  • Custom Variables: Define bespoke variables tailor-suited for your template, usable within the JavaScript section and configurable during Template setup.
  • Pre-built templates: Jump-start with an eclectic mix of ready-to-go templates offered by HTML Templates.
  • Publishing: Satisfied with your creation? Hit 'publish' to unveil your Template to other users.
  • Cloning: Repurpose existing HTML Templates to resonate with your unique needs by leveraging the cloning feature.
  • Content Security Policy: Championing safety, HTML Template embraces Content Security Policy (CSP), a formidable defense line against cross-site scripting (XSS) exploits. By delineating a trusted domain whitelist for your HTML Templates, CSP ensures any non-compliant domains get the boot, curbing malicious script activity. Dive Deeper (opens in a new tab).

With such an arsenal of features at disposal, HTML Template is poised to be a linchpin in crafting, rolling out, and harnessing custom Templates. Paired with robust security measures, it stands as a bulwark against potential security threats. Whether you're just dipping your toes or swimming laps in the development pool, HTML Template amplifies monday Items, Boards, Dashboards, and Documents like never before.

For a deeper dive into how HTML Template can supercharge your experience, peruse our detailed documentation (opens in a new tab).